Left Photo: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Chuck Lorre addressed Charlie Sheen's meltdown (and subsequent firing from Two And A Half Men) earlier this year with "vanity cards" -- messages posted on screen at the end of the show's episodes.

Now, he's doing it again. It was officially announced Monday that Sheen and Warner Bros. had settled Sheen's lawsuit against the production company. Rumor has it Sheen will get $100 million in syndication profits over the next decade, with an immediate $25 million payout.

Maybe that news didn't make Lorre too happy. After Monday night's episode of the CBS show, now starring Ashton Kutcher, another ominous vanity card appeared:

    "Sometime last year I realized I had become the unwilling contestant in a reality show. I didn’t understand the rules, wasn’t sure if there even were any, and pretty much hated every second of it. ... Somewhere along the way, something inside me died. ... please, let’s all move on. There’s just one problem. That thing inside me that died? It walks at night. It’s angry. It’s hungry. And worst of all…it’s writing a tell-all book."

In recent months, rumors have swirled that Sheen was shopping his own tell-all book.