xf-230seattle-2011063003rm-86182_a_p-1.jpgAudiences got more than they bargained for when X Factor contestant Geo Godley dropped trou on Wednesday night's premiere show, and now the Parents Television Council are stepping in.

The streaker, who claimed to be a classically trained pianist, dropped his pants to fully expose himself on stage while singing the lyrics, “Let’s get nude, don’t be a prude,” and repeatedly announcing, “I’m a stud.”

The contestant's private parts were censored with a huge "X", but that still wasn't good enough for the PTC.

The Council has filed an indecency complaint stating that the blurred nudity aired shortly after 9 p.m. ET, when indecent content is prohibited on broadcast television.

PTC president Tim Winter in a statement:

    “Families were led to believe the X Factor would be family-friendly programming and instead were assaulted by graphic nudity. Perhaps the ‘X’ in X Factor stands for the MPAA rating. No wonder PTC Seal of Approval winner and judge Paula Abdul walked out during the performance, apparently becoming physically ill by what happened."

Winter added, "If Godley performed his act in public, he would have been arrested. But if he performs it in front of a Fox camera, his act is beamed via the public airwaves into every home in the nation."

The performance forced judge Paula Abdul to actually run off the stage, holding her mouth to prevent herself from vomiting, while co-judge L.A. Reid vented: “That was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting … get him out of the building, please.”

The PTC has also spoken out against MTV's Skins, Toddlers & Tiaras and Glee.

Check out the entire (censored!) video, after the jump ...