Angelina Jolie, 36, marked her 10th year as a UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) goodwill ambassador on Monday with a surprise appearance in Geneva, Switzerland.

AngelinaJolieUN230.2.jpgDuring her tenure, she's made more than 40 visits to troubled spots around the world.

At the event in Geneva, she presented Yemen's Society for Humantiarianism Solidarity and its founder, Nasser Salim Ali Al-Hamair, with an award. Said Jolie:

    "I’m so grateful – I don’t want to cry – to the refugee families that I have the honor and privilege to spend the last years with. From them I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned to become a better person, a better mother."

The actress also told reporters she's considering taking on a new role at the UN.

She said nothing has been decided, but one possibility is that she'll become a special envoy to Afghans fleeing for Pakistan and Iran, which host some 2.7 million Afghan refugees. -- Photo Courtesy of Getty