Ashton Kutcher is diving into his work head first amid reports he cheated on his wife of six years, Demi Moore.

The Two and A Half Men star kept his trenchcoat buttoned up while visiting a studio in Hollywood, and yes, the actor is STILL wearing his wedding ring. As usual, Demi's hubby stayed mum when asked about the alleged affair (see the video below).

Our X17 photographer tells us:

    "Ashton was extremely serious heading back to his car. He kept his head down the whole time. It was almost as if he was hoping to avoid any sort of eye contact."

Just a little over an hour ago, Ashton Tweeted a link to the following relationship advice:

    "Relationships must be chosen wisely. It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company. There’s no need to rush. If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason."

What do you make of this?