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In mid-September, Bravo star Bethenny Frankel claimed that she had been on board a boat off the coast of Massachusetts when a wave hit the boat, knocking out its GPS system and putting herself and those on board in serious, life-threatening danger.

Frankel even went on Ellen to talk about the incident (above.)

Now, a reporter at is claiming the whole story is a lie.

The reporter says she interviewed Tim Russell, the man called upon to give Bethenny's boat a tow when it needed help. Russell said when he arrived the boat and its GPS system were functioning fine. Writes the reporter:

    "The Coast Guard confirmed the GPS was working and the boat was not in distress, so they suggested they call a tow company as there was no need for them to assist. ... When Tim got there, he saw that the boat was fine. ... They did not need a tow as the boat was fine. ... It was faked for her reality show. None of it was real and everyone was fine."

Who do you believe?