ConradMurrayLAstWitnessYep230.jpgThe defense cross-examined the prosecution's final witness in Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today (day 14), in what was perhaps one of the most dramatic days of the trial.

Dr. Steven Shafer -- a longtime expert on Propofol -- took the stand again. A recap:

  • Shafer said that it would have taken a lot of "time and coordination" for MJ to inject Propofol into himself (the defense is arguing that MJ injected Propofol into himself when Dr. Murray left the room to use the bathroom, thus causing an overdose.)

  • It came out that MJ's veins had become so unavailable from injections that Murray had started to give him IVS below his knee.

  • Shafer dispute the defense's contention that MJ ingested eight tablets of Lorazepam, another sedative, on the day he died. Shafer said the actual amount was much smaller.

  • Shafer said MJ had been given more than the 25 milligrams of Propofol that Murray told police he'd given the singer.

  • Judge Michael Pastor called a break after Murray lost his cool; Murray got upset when Shafer started using an infusion stand to demonstrate how MJ would have been given Propofol. "Can you believe that?" he said to Dr. Paul White (a defense witness.) "What a scumbag," White told the media sitting near him.

White told E! that though Shafer is a former student, friend and colleague of his, Shafer's testimony has changed the way White thinks of him. "The truth will come out," he said. "It always does. I am going to take the high road ... "

White also called Deputy District Attorney David Walgren's use of evidence as "unethical and unconscionable."

Could this mean the tables might turn for the defense? The defense has its chance to call witnesses now.