ConradMurrayWeek3Day1230.jpgConrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial started its third week on Tuesday, where more of Murray's 2009 interview -- an interview after Jackson's death -- was played for the court.

In it, Murray recalls telling Jackson's mother and children that MJ was dead.

He says Michael's daughter, Paris, asked him: "Dr. Murray, you said you save a lot of patients. You save people with heart attacks, and you couldn't save my dad?"

"I tried my best," Murray told her.

Jackson's autopsy doctor, Christopher Rogers, took the stand, telling the jury the singer was very healthy for his age. Rogers explained that he ruled the case a homicide because the Propofol was administered by a person other than the patient.

Rogers also noted that he thought Dr. Murray did not have the appropriate equipment at Jackson's home to keep him alive in case of an emergency.

One of the prosecution's key points lies in how long Murray was gone from Jackson's bedroom on the day he died (after administering the Propofol.) The prosecution says he left for so long that when he returned, Jackson had been dead too long to revive. They argue that this is neglect.

The defense says Murray was only gone for two minutes.