Halloween party David Arquette costume pimp hat feathers cigar suit retro teeth plates sunglasses diamonds wllet cash coat cane tie

Even when he's in a mismatched suit and showing off a set of false teeth, we still find David Arquette charming and irresistible!

The Scream funnyman was spotted arriving at a private party in Beverly Hills on Friday night, and he tweeted, "Happy Halloween! I had all these clothes in my house. I may have been a pimp in a past life." Ha! Wonder if he was able to find any ladies to play his hos for the night?

We also spotted Petra Ecclestone dressed as Jessica Rabbit, and we're not sure what her hubby James Stunt dressed as, but at least he was warm!

Petra Ecclestone James Stunt couple married Halloween costume jessica Rabbit dress red sequins wig King