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When the news broke this morning that Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, it didn't come as a total shock to some of us, but everyone immediately began to wonder what caused the split. Rumors began to surface that the relationship was on the rocks when Kris was photographed flirting with a mystery brunette at Miami hotspot LIV on September 30, so is it possible that these pictures were the final straw for the 31-year-old starlet?

While Kim was busy taping her reality show in NYC, Kris partied Fountainebleau's nightclub and a source on the scene tells X17 exclusively, "Kris was eating up the attention. All these girls were coming up to him and trying to flirt and he loved it, but he was really into this one chick. He kept leaning into her, talking in her ear. She took out her cell phone and was typing into it -- I think she got his number."

After multiple websites reported that Kim and Kris were having major drama, these pictures certainly didn't help paint the picture of a happily married couple. The duo were married for just 72 days, so is it possible that Kris' alleged infidelity was what caused their marriage to crumble? Or was the highly publicized (and televised) romance doomed from the beginning?