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Fergie  Josh Duhamel  jeans hat sunglasses black eyed peas married tee shirt

Good thing Fergie and her sexy hubby Josh Duhamel take time for each other during their down time from work ... and if that means attending happy hour, so be it!

The sexy Black Eyed Peas singer held on tight to her man while going out for an early sushi dinner in Brentwood.

Now that the BEP have officially pulled out of the Michael Jackson tribute concert in England due to "unavoidable circumstances," Fergie Ferg and her fellow bandmates have plenty of time for a little R&R. The group was due to perform at the Michael Forever concert on Saturday in Cardiff, Wales.

Global Live Events, the organizers of the concert, issued the following statement:

    "It is with regret that we announce the removal of Black Eyed Peas from the Michael Forever bill. But I look forward to a great night with other earth shattering artists."

The BEP have yet to issue their own statement to explain the "unavoidable circumstances." Wonder if Fergie and Josh will start working on expanding their family? To borrow some lyrics from a Black Eyed Peas song .... Boom, boom, boom!