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Animal trainer Terry Thompson was found dead Wednesday at a private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio.

Thompson worked with supermodel Heidi Klum back in 2008 for a photo shoot which involved a tiger cub. See the video above in which the victim is wearing a red sweatshirt and baseball cap.

Police believe Thompson killed himself after leaving the fences open at the zoo ... which allowed dozens of animals to run free. The escaped animals included tigers, lions, grizzly bears, black bears and wolves.

Danielle White, who lives next door to Thompson, tells the AP: "He (Thompson) was in hot water because of the animals, because of permits, and [the animals] escaping all the time."

Due to the "volatile situation," officers were forced to shoot and kill many of the wild animals. Police believe all but three have been captured.

Residents in the Ohio community have been ordered to stay indoors, and schools have been closed.

Celebrity DJ, and Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson, Tweeted about the situation. Click thru to read what she had to say!