JasonBiggsWifeProstituteVegas.jpgWow. And we thought his scenes in American Pie were graphic.

Actor Jason Biggs' wife, actress Jenny Mollen, just wrote a steamy blog post for Playboy about the time she and Biggs hired a Las Vegas hooker to spend the night with them.

The couple was only about a year into their marriage at that point, she says, but was looking to spice things up.

Mollen details the whole evening -- and it's a bit too graphic for us to post here! But here's an excerpt, in which Mollen talks about the stripper telling her and Biggs how to stay comfortable during the encounter.

    "I felt like I was in driver’s ed. and I loved it! This is exactly the type of information I wanted to be armed with. My husband, however, didn’t have the same reaction. With sweaty palms, clearly a bi -product of all the newly discovered potential for failure, he undressed and sat on the bed. Keisha instructed me to do the same."