CourtneyLoveJewels230.jpgCourtney Love is pulling a Lindsay Lohan -- but on a much larger scale!

A Manhattan judge just found Love responsible for $115,000 worth of jewelry that went missing last year.

Love borrowed baubles from celeb jeweler Jacob & Co. for "The New Yorkers for Children Benefit" at Cirpriani's restaurant last year, including two gold diamond chains, a gold cuff bracelet and gold diamond pave hoop earrings.

The chains were $34,200 each, the earrings $45,500 and the bracelet was worth $70,000. Love signed a document saying she knew the value of the jewels.

Love claimed that after the event, she put the items in a bag and gave them to the staff at the Mercer Hotel (where she was staying) with instructions to return the bag to Jacob. She claims the staff returned the bracelet, but lost the chains and earrings.

At the time, Love filed a police report (she maintains that she does not have the jewels.) But Jacob didn't believe her, and filed a lawsuit soon after saying she is responsible and demanding that she pay $113,000 plus interest.

“Her detention and retention of the chain and the earrings are wrong,” said the company’s filing.

Now, a judge has sided with Jacob, and Love must pay him the money.