KanyeClothingLine230.jpgKanye West's clothing line debuted at Paris Fashion Week this weekend, and the reviews are in.

They're much worse than reviews for his music. The Wall Street Journal's fashion blogger wrote:

    "Good thing Kanye West has a day job ... The only thing more painful than witnessing the dress was watching the model pitch down the runway in shoes so ill-fitting that her spike heels were bending at angles. ... one breastplate of a top – recalled the Flintstones ... There were lots and lots of tight leather pants. ... Yet a vast quantity of luxury materials can’t blind people to a lack of creative marksmanship."

West received "tepid" applause when the show was over. The New York Times and WWD also panned the show, though that didn't deter Kanye. At the afterparty, he told the crowd:

    "I took out motherf***ing loans to get the best models, to get the best designers, to get the best venue. I gave you everything that I had ... people thought it was a joke, and maybe people still do, but I can only grow from this point."

Photog Terry Richardson Tweeted a pic of Kanye at the afterparty -- see it after the jump.