KimKrisOnTheRocksHusbandShopping.jpgA new report says that Kris Humphries was not Kim Kardashian's first choice when it came to a husband.

Wetpaint Entertainment is reporting that a rep for E!, on which Kim's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, airs was casting possible husbands for Kim. The rep first approached New York Knicks player Danilo Gallinari to see if he'd be interested in dating Kardashian.

The site says the E! rep told Gallinari dating Kardashian would be a good move for his career. But the Knicks player declined, saying he didn't want to be on a reality show.

A spokesperson for E! told Wetpaint: "no comment."

Questions have been raised recently over the authenticity of the Kardashians' reality shows. Audio leaked earlier this year from Kim and Kris' August wedding of alleged producers fabricating a discussion between Kim's sister, Kourtney, and her boyfriend, Scott.

Kim and Kris rushed to the alter after only six months of dating, and in recent weeks have been plagued by rumors of Kris flirting with other women and Kim being upset with Kris' lack of work ethic. Kris also allegedly is tired of the constant cameras that come with a reality TV existence.