Kim Kardashian nail salon braid blazer

Kim Kardashian is all about the bun lately! Kim sported a bun again as she headed to her favorite nail salon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

But while most people use getting their nails done as relaxing, pamper time, not Kim! The hard-working mogul made business calls while sitting in the salon chair.

That's a far cry from her hubby of two months, Kris Humphries, who hasn't been busy with much since the NBA lockout is still underway.

Rumors are running rampant that the two are already having marital problems, with the underlying issue seeming to be that Kris is spending too much time partying and flirting with other women and not enough time working.

We chatted with Kim's besty, Brittny Gastineau, who joined Kim at the nail salon ... and Brit gave us a very telling comment on the state of Kim's marriage! Watch our video below to see what she said!