KrisJenner230.jpgExcerpts of reality star Kris Jenner's upcoming memoir, All Things Kardashian, have leaked online -- and one story that Jenner tells is particularly shocking.

Long before her daughters were famous, Kris was the wife of Robert Kardashian, a close friend of O.J. Simpson's and one of his defense lawyers in the NFL player's murder trial. Jenner, 55, was friends with Simpson's wife, Nicole Brown, and recalls the morning that Brown was killed:

    "Nicole said, 'Can you get over here...? I need to talk to you. It's really important. [Kris was busy with her kids] ... That's okay, can you meet me tomorrow for lunch? I really have to talk to you about something really, really important.' It would be the last time I would ever speak to Nicole."

Though her deceased husband defended Simpson, Jenner thinks he was involved in Brown's June 12, 1994 death: "I instinctively knew that in some way O.J. had something to do with her death."

Jenner later learned from a mutual friend, she says, that Brown was being abused by Simpson -- keep reading for her reaction ...