Lindsay Lohan arrived in court Wednesday in LA for a progress hearing. She wore a white Fendi dress, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes and a Chanel purse. She appeared to address her probation in sentences relating to her drunk driving and theft cases.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, defended Lindsay against an agitated Judge Stephanie Sautner. She argued that Lohan is doing well, pointing out that she completed her shoplifters' course and meetings with a therapist. She said, “This court gave Ms. Lohan a year to complete her community service … so from my standpoint, this is all premature.”

But Judge Sautner slammed Lohan, saying the actress completed her shoplifters' course only the night before, and noting that Lohan was kicked out of service at the LA Downtown Women's Center after failing to appear nine times.

Lohan had instead been doing service at the Red Cross. Sautner said:

    "You’re praising her for completing 12 hours in six months. ... Nobody has the power to change my sentence. … She is not getting credit (for the Red Cross service.) ... Ms. Lohan’s actions deliberately made it impossible to perform her sentence at the Downtown Women’s Center. Probation is a gift, and there’s something called looking a gift horse in the mouth."

The prosecution wants Lohan's probation revoked and for her do to jail time.

UPDATE: Sautner is also mad about Lohan's trips to Paris and Milan for Fashion Week. “I don’t know how she did that and yet appeared for her psychological counseling in person every week," Sautner said.

Holley argued that Lohan had to go on those trips for work to support herself and her family. She pointed out that many people have slip-ups with probation, but Sautner says that's no excuse, saying:

    “Her probation would have been over last year had she done what was expected of her. There has been violation after violation. … Probation is a gift. It’s not a right. ... This is two DUIs, reckless driving and possession of cocaine."

UPDATE: Judge Sautner has revoked Lindsay's probation. Bail is set at $100, 000. She has been handcuffed and taken into custody.