LohanInCourtTodayYall230.jpgLindsay Lohan will be at the Airport Courthouse in LA Wednesday to appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner for a progress hearing.

The hearing, which has been scheduled since the summer, pertains to Lohan's court-mandated community service and counseling.

Both sentences were given to her instead of jail time for her drunk driving probation and misdemeanor theft charges.

But rumors of Lohan's poor showing at community service might mean a rough appearance today.

Sautner told Lohan in July that she would not get "an extra five minutes" to complete her service; she has until April to complete 480 hours.

Reportedly, Lohan has finished only about 20 hours (she was assigned to work at the LA Downtown Women's Center and the City Coroner's office.)

If Lohan does not complete her community service on time, she faces a year-and-a-half behind bars.