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Our photogs spoke with Ed Winter this morning -- Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Coroner's Office.

LindsayYepBadtherapy230.jpgLindsay Lohan was, of course, supposed to show up to the LA County Morgue this morning as part of the court-ordered community service that Judge Stephanie Sautner gave her on Wednesday.

But -- SHE DIDN'T! Lindsay's camp claimed that Linds didn't make it to the morgue by 8 a.m. because she was confused about which entrance to go in and the media was in her way. Somehow, that made her 40 minutes late.

Winter was not happy. He said the morgue got a phone call from Lindsay's people at 7:40 a.m. saying she was 10 minutes away. When she didn't show up until 8:40 a.m., they turned her away (watch above.)

And, he said Lindsay LIED about not being able to find the right entrance -- she was NOT there at all!

    "She was given directions. She was supposed to be here. She’s been here prior, so she knows where we’re at. … She was not here at 8 in the front or the back."

Attorney Barry Gerald Sands spoke with X17 exclusively and told us that Judge Stephanie Sautner could consider the tardiness a violation of probation at Lohan's progress hearing on November 2.

Sautner was not happy with Linds in her progress hearing on Wednesday. Only a day later, things are just getting worse!