LindsayLohanHoursbig230.jpgLindsay Lohan is scheduled to appear in court in just two weeks for a progress hearing on her court-ordered community service hours.

But instead of doing her service, we've spotted Linds traveling the world -- in recent weeks she's been in Milan and Paris (left) for their respective Fashion Week celebrations.

So, what will she have to say to Judge Stephanie Sautner in October?

We did the math, and here's a by-the-numbers update on what will be revealed in court:

  • Linds was given one year to complete 480 hours of service.

  • So, she has until mid-April 2012 to finish the hours.

  • Lindsay has completed only 60 hours.

  • That means she's got six months left after her October progress hearing to complete 420 hours of service.

  • ... Which translates into more than two hours a day every day for the next six months.

Wow. Judge Sautner is tough -- she told Lindsay in July that Linds would not get "an extra five minutes" to complete her service. If she doesn't finish it, she'll see jail time.

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