Lindsay Lohan's tinted SUV pulled away from the LA County Morgue Friday afternoon, after the actress completed eight hours of court-mandated community service, and DIDN'T head back to Lohan's Venice Beach home; it took Lilo to a hotel in Hollywood.

Why? Lohan's attorney says it's so Lindsay can be closer to the east-of-downtown-LA morgue to make it easier to arrive on time for community service.

As we all know, Lindsay was late for her scheduled first day of service and was turned away ... Friday, Lindsay showed up early and completed a full day's work.

So just how close is Lindsay to the morgue? Well, she inched a few miles closer than the Venice beach pad she practically shares with neighbor and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, but she's still several miles away and in LA traffic time -- she's still got a good 30- to 45-minute drive during the morning rush hour!

The truth is, the hotel where she's taken up residence is a Hollywood hotspot owned by one of LA's biggest nightclub and restaurant impresarios. Is Lindsay really there to be closer to work? Or is she there to be closer to the clubs???