LindsayLohanSadTweetMorgue230.jpgLindsay Lohan was turned away from her community service at the LA County Morgue this morning because she was over twenty minutes late, and according to legal experts, this COULD have some very serious consequences for the 25-year-old starlet.

Attorney Barry Gerald Sands spoke exclusively with X17online about Lilo's latest legal drama, and he tells us that Judge Stephanie Sautner could consider this to be a violation of probation at Lohan's progress hearing on November 2. "Based on what the judge said yesterday, a one-time matter can be considered a violation of probation," Sands tells us. Even if the folks at the morgue excuse Lindsay's mistake today (and it seems as though they have, since she'll back back tomorrow at 8am), Judge Sautner could throw the book at Lohan, even though she still has another six months to complete her court-mandated community service.

Of course, if Lohan shows up on time and dutifully completes her shifts at the morgue over the next two weeks, she would be in full compliance with the judge's orders, and if this is proven at the next court date, the actress won't have any problems. Sands says he's doubtful that this one time error would land Lohan in jail, "but the judge can do anything she wants."

However, if Lohan shows up late again, that could definitely leave a bad taste in the judge's mouth, so hopefully the actress checks her traffic reports and shows up on time from here on out!