MadonnaWEBooed230.jpgOn Sunday, Madonna hit the BFI London Film Festival for the U.K. premiere of her critically panned directorial debut, W.E..

Indeed, the critics had already dissed her, but fans, too, turned on Madge at the event. She was booed.

Fans had been waiting for hours in London's Leicester Square to see the pop icon, and jeered when she only stopped to talk to a few before entering the theater.

Madonna told Sky News amidst the yells that she identifies with the main character in her film, Wallis Simpson. Simpson, an American, was criticized for her relationship with the Duke of Windsor (Simpson is also portrayed in The King's Speech.) She said:

"I do know what it is like to be misunderstood on a global scale."

The singer met major criticism Sunday when news broke that her older brother is homeless, while Madge has millions.

Asked how she handles backlash, Madonna said: " ... criticism goes with the territory. I'm used to it. ... I don't read anything."