On Monday, the ladies of The View butted heads when discussing the controversy surrounding possible GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry hunting at a camp named "N-----head."

Whoopi Goldberg said the word, then Barbara Walters did (watch above.) ABC bleeped it out each time. Sherri Shepherd was immediately offended when Walters used the word. She said:

    " ... there's a difference between the way you [Barbara] and Whoopi say it. When I heard you [Whoopi] say it, it was fine. When I heard you [Barbara] say it, I didn't like the way you said it! Because when you say it ... it's something that goes through my body ... ."

Walters responded, "Forgive me if I didn't say it in exactly the same way." But Shepherd wouldn't let the topic go -- she continued:

    "Even if you did you still wouldn't have said it the right way. It's nothing on you, Barbara, it's nothing on you ... When you say the word, I don't like it. When white people say it, it brings up feelings in me."

Shepherd said no white person should ever say the word.