BradPittWorldWarZRaid230Watermark.jpgA SWAT team raided a Budapest warehouse holding weapons to be used in Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie movie, World War Z on Monday.

Police seized 85 weapons (left) -- all of which were still functioning with live ammunition. Most of the weapons were automatic, military-style assault rifles, including AK-47s and sniper rifles.

A police spokesperson called the arsenal "a disaster waiting to happen," and said a deadly accident could easily have occurred on set.

No word yet from Pitt's camp; his company, Plan B Entertainment, is producing the movie set for a December 2012 release.

The film, which has been shooting in Malta and London since this summer, includes large-scale disaster scenes involving hundreds of extras.

UPDATE: X17online spoke with a representative for Plan B Entertainment, who told us, "We are working with the authorities to resolve the matter and have no further comment at this time."