demi-ashton-new.jpg Uh oh, does this mean they've given up on trying to save their marriage?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were no-shows at the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Centre last night for the Friday evening service.

The last time we spotted the celebrity couple at the Centre was two weeks ago, which was less than two days after news broke that Ashton cheated on Demi with 22-year-old Sara Leal. The following weekend, Demi and Ashton went on a camping retreat at Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara with their Kabbalah instructor Yehuda Berg, so it appeared as though they were attempting to patch things up with the help of their house of worship.

A few days later, Ashton and Demi were photographed wearing their wedding rings, but then Leal gave a series of rather incriminating interviews, one of which described the night that she had unprotected sex with the Two and a Half Men star. Demi hasn't commented on the matter, but after a moving truck arrived at their house yesterday, we have to wonder if she's more interested in talking to a divorce attorney than a Kabbalah counselor...