american music awards red carpet Adam Lambert

We thought it wouldn't happen ... Adam Lambert was BACK at the AMA's tonight after his controversial 2009 performance had reportedly had him banned from the show for life!

Turns out, the media had it wrong. After Lambert kissed his male bass player -- a move that was unscripted, said producers -- during his 2009 performance, ABC received more than 1500 calls from unhappy parents and conservative groups spoke out.

Meanwhile, the show's executive producer, Larry Klein, recently told The Hollywood Reporter, Lambert "was never banned from the show."

Klein went on to say: "That thing got so out of control and was just so out of left field. The kiss wasn't in the script. Did Adam rehearse it on his own and not tell us? I have no idea ... Adam was performing on a stage. Did he get carried away? Absolutely. Was he regretful afterward? Of course he was, but it's over. ABC never banned him and Dick Clark Productions never would."

Not one to wisk down the red carpet without being noticed, Adam spiked his hair as high as it's ever been, donned some sparkly silver pants and a vest, and strutted with the best of 'em, with boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen by his side.