Adam-Lambert-out.jpgOut Magazine/Gavin Bond

Adam Lambert is honored in Out magazine’s Out 100, and the American Idol alum slathered on the makeup to re-enact a pose as Elvis Presley from Andy Warhol's iconic print. Loves it!

Adam reveals that Madonna and Michael Jackson were his biggest artistic influences growing up, telling the mag, "They were king and queen. And they both wore just as much makeup and were fabulous in their outfits and had music videos that were theatrical and cinematic, and that’s kind of the type of artist I see myself as—one that wants to create from the ground up, not only an amazing song, but on with a beat and a story and a look and a theme."

So what about his own music? "I want to make the kind of music I would listen to if I were out in a club," he says. Adam is putting the finishing touches on his second album, and it seems like he had far more control over this record than his first. "This is definitely the album that I want to make," he says.

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