lambert-amas.jpgGood news for all of you Adam Lambert lovers!

The American Idol alum will make an appearance at the American Music Awards this weekend, and while he won't be performing, he will be presenting an award. Back in 2009, the singer caused an uproar when he kissed bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff and simulated oral sex during his performance of "For Your Entertainment", but it looks like it wasn't such a big deal after all.

Adam Lambert was never banned from the show, American Music Awards executive producer Larry Klein tells THR. That thing got so out of control and was just so out of left field ... We laugh about it to this day." So will Adam perform again in the future? Adam Lambert is a friend of ours, he's talented and I like everything about him, Klein said. "Wed absolutely have him back.

No word on whether Adam will poke fun at the incident, but we'll see soon enough! The 39th annual American Music Awards air on Sunday at 8pm EST on ABC.