230DrMurray032911Part2_01_X17.jpgIn an interview for upcoming MSNBC documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship," Dr. Conrad Murray gave a revealing tell-all interview, just days before he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The doctor, who is currently incarcerated in the Twin Towers Correction Facility in LA pending his Nov. 29 hearing, seems to have no remorse for the King of Pop's untimely death.

Murray revealed on his relationship with Jackson:

    "I only wish that maybe in our dealings with each other, he was more forthcoming and honest to tell me things about himself. Certainly, he was deceptive by not sharing with me his whole medical history, doctors he was seeing, treatment that he might have been receiving."

Murray also denies any knowledge of Jackson having an addiction problem, despite the fact that he called MJ "a desperate man" who begged the doctor for more propofol, to help him sleep.

    "He asked me, 'Please, please, Dr. Conrad ... I need some milk so that I can sleep. If I don't get any sleep today, I cannot perform, I cannot do anything. He was pleading and begging me to please, please let him have some 'milk,' because that was the only thing that would work."

Meanwhile, the Jackson family is not happy with Murray's "one sided" interview and has requested MSNBC pull the special from airing.

MJ's sis LaToya wrote in a scathing letter to network president Phil Griffin "It is morally reprehensible to cloak a murderer and convicted felon with celebrity status, and it's disgusting to permit this criminal to profit from homicidal acts that left my family without a brother, my niece and nephews without a father, my parents without a son."

The documentary is scheduled to premiere tonight on MSNBC.