CoxArquetteWontReconcileVersion2.jpgHe had hinted at it, but now he's gone and said it outright.

David Arquette, 40, told Howard Stern on Tuesday that, no matter what, he would not reconcile with estranged wife Courteney Cox, 47 (they have yet to file for divorce, though they separated more than a year ago.)

Stern asked Arquette, "If Courteney said to you, 'David, I made a mistake I want to work on our marriage. I want you moving back into the house, I want you to break up with that girl. I know we have to do this for our daughter.' Would you consider it?"

Arquette's reply? "Uh, I mean, no."

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant is now dating Entertainment Tonight reporter Christina McLarty.

Arquette and Cox were married for 11 years. Arquette told Stern that he's in love with McLarty, and when he told Cox, it was an emotional moment. "She was sad, we were both sad," he said. "We both cried."