Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina, is opening up about her daughter's upcoming Playboy shoot. She tells The Insider:

    "It was an opportunity for her. … She's 25 years old now, so it was her ultimate decision. … It will be tastefully done. … I've seen [the photos]. … She's really great in front of the camera."

As for her recent community service at the LA County Morgue, Dina adds:

    "She witnessed a lot of things that were traumatizing. But certainly we're at a fortunate place; I worked so hard to get to where we are, and there are so many people dealing with far worse than I'm dealing with, so I really can't cry in my life, because my kids are healthy and happy and there are so many other people that aren't. So we just have to grab our blessings when we can."

Dina, who admits Lindsay made a mistake back in 2007 by driving under the influence, says she can't wait to put the court drama behind her because "it's been four years of torture ... we just want this over."

Michael Lohan's ex also confirms she's writing a book. Find out if she plans to write about Lindsay's court drama in the above video.