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The Black Eyed Peas may be taking an indefinite hiatus, but lead singer Fergie swears this has nothing to do with her future baby plans!

The bandmates will call it quits on November 23 after their farewell concert at Florida's Sun Life Stadium, but the 36-year-old singer isn't ready to start a family with hubby Josh Duhamel just yet!

230460article-2060192-0EC0F8D700000578-313_634x747.jpgThe "Lady Lumps" singer opens up in a new interview with Ocean Drive magazine, confessing:

    "We worked really hard. There were days when we weren't sleeping and were doing numbers of shows per day, and it was just go big or go home. We were just all hungry for it and doing it together."

But now sexy songstress is looking forward to some quiet time at home:

    "I won't miss sleeping in a different hotel rooms all the time. I want to be home because I moved into my house but I haven't really been able to decorate it fully... just going to museums, going to art galleries, picking out art, things like that that I haven't been able to do lately."

And Fergie's bandmates totally support her decision to take a break.

Taboo recently expressed to the New York Times, "If somebody had a bad day, we had the others to hold each other up. We went through so many unique experiences together that it's really a beautiful thing. We have to respect Ferg. Ferg is our sister. She definitely wants to have a family, and we're happy for her."