MOCHA Gala Gwen Stefani bun dress black smock white phone
MOCHA Gala Dita Von Teese

Watch the video if you haven't already ... seriously, celebrities were digging into life-like cadaver cakes! Good thing Lindsay wasn't invited or she may have started having morgue flashbacks ...

The Museum of Contemporary Art's annual fete was hosted by Marina Abramovic and Debra Harry and was described by the museum as such: "Marina plans to re-enact some her most famous performance art pieces as well as serve as a master of ceremonies, directing gala guests in a series of participatory activities as they experience the installations, dcor and dinner."

Guests were asked to wear white lab coats to keep their couture clean. Dita Von Teese Tweeted, during the event, "I'm at the MOCA gala in LA, and there is a v*gina on my dinner table."

I hope I get an invite next year!