DETAILS-Renner-web.jpgJeremy Renner covers the latest issue of Details, and the 40-year-old actor talks about his early struggles to make it in Hollywood and how being nominated for two Oscars hasn't changed him one bit.

On his film roles, Jeremy said, Im blessed to have cool roles in these big movies. Because nothing against Transformers, but thank God I dont have to do a monologue to a robot. I dont know how Shia, God bless him, does that. Hmm, we don't think Shia would take too kindly to that remark, especially since he's had plenty of other legit acting jobs before and after the highly lucrative Michael Bay franchise!

Of course, Jeremy just doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks about him. He tells the mag, I dont pay attention to that horses***. Build em up to bring em down? Im not going on that train, my son. Im not going on that train. Ill walk. Ill take a bike. Id rather just not be popular.

With The Avengers and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, is there any room for a lady love in his life? Nope! I never dated, because I couldnt afford to date," he tells the mag. "I didnt even have electricity. You try to put a positive spin on it, like, Hey, this is so sexylook at all these candles! But I loved what I was doing. The sacrifices I made in personal relationships had the biggest effect on my life. Even now, any woman would take a No. 2 seat to my job. Well that's a bummer!