Confirming what we've already suspected for quite awhile, Kim's former publicist made an appearance on Good Day LA this morning to spill the deets on all the recent drama surrounding Miss Kardashian.

Jonathan Jaxson -- who worked with Kim between 2007 and 2009 -- insists the nuptials to Humphries were a publicity stunt, and the reality star is still very much in love with former flame, Reggie Bush.

Jaxon tells Good Day LA:

    "Two weeks prior to her wedding, she knew it was not something she wanted to do. Unfortunately they were obligated to honor contracts [with E!] otherwise they would have owed a lot of people a lot of money."

Earlier this week Jaxson told New York's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, "She's never gotten over Reggie Bush."

Think Humphries knew all along? The NBA player recently hired Minnesota-based sports lawyer Lee Hutton to help get him through the split -- the marriage lasted just 72 days.

The former publicist also confessed he actually help create "engagement" stories with both Kim and Reggie's cooperation. Jaxson admits that when they were together, he would stage photo ops with the paparazzi so the pair would be photographed leaving various Beverly Hills jewelry stores.

Jaxson added that the ring Reggie "gave" to Kim in 2007 is identical to the one that Kris proposed with in May. Coincidence?

The Kardashian/Humphries divorce will be finalized six months from the date Kim filed (Oct. 31), which is the minimum time required by law.

Do you believe Kim's former publicist's claims?