We're always impressed at the Kardashians' abilities to put a media spin on a situation -- case and point: Kim Kardashian's divorce.

Since her announcement Monday, Kim and sister Khloe have done several interviews in Australia while promoting their handbag line, and Kris Jenner has been all over the talk show and radio circuit to promote her new autobiography.

But, of course, Kim's divorce has become the topic of conversation. We're getting just about sick of listening to the same old story from the Kardashians on this one, and to prove our point, thought we'd do a little Kardashian Kount. Here's how many times Kim, Khloe or Kris has made each of the following points regarding Kim's divorce:

    3 - Kim's not the first person to go through a divorce (duh!)

    4 - Kim didn't want to disappoint anyone.

    4 - The marriage was real! REAL, we tell you!

    3 - Kim doesn't want to go into the details (then why is she giving an interview?)

    4 - Kim wanted to stick to her professional commitments and go to Australia. (How admirable!)

    10 - Kim didn't make money off the wedding! Nothing! "Not a dime"!

    11- We're SO proud of Kim. (She's been through A LOT. A LOT, you guys!)

    8 - Kim's giving back to charity! (BUT, she does this in private and doesn't want you to know about it! So ... that's why we're talking about it in this interview.)

    12 - We're getting through this as a family. (Because we're a family. Didn't you know? If not, please watch our reality show on E!)