Kris Jenner gave an interview to radio station Star 101.3 Tuesday morning -- though the hosts were surprised she came through.

Morning host Don Bleu told Jenner he thought she'd back out after news broke that her daughter, Kim, had filed for divorce Monday. But Jenner said she sticks to her professional commitments ... especially when it comes to promoting her new autobiography, out Tuesday.

So, Jenner addressed the Kardashian elephant in the room -- the divorce. She said:

    "You get married because you think it's going to be happily ever after, not because, 'Oh, I'll do this for a while.' That's just not what my children would do in a million years. ... It's not embarrassing. It's sad. ... She's not the first person in the world to get a divorce. Things don't work out all the time. ... They're very sad about it. ... I just have to be there for my kids, through thick and through thin."

Jenner also addressed Kim's $20 million wedding to Kris:

    "The rumors that Kim made five cents off of the wedding are absolutely false. She did not make a dime ... she actually spent millions of dollars of her own money. ... All that matters to me is that you're a good person, you're honest and you're true to yourself. There's a lot of things that are much more important than Hollywood, but this is the business we're in."

Find out what Jenner said about Kim's trip to Australia after the jump ...