Leonardo DiCaprio premiere suit tie

He may have packed on a few pounds to play J. Edgar Hoover in the upcoming biopic on the founding FBI director's life, but Leonardo DiCaprio looked like his usual dapper self while attending AFI's Opening Night Gala in Hollywood, on Thursday.

The Great Gatsby star has been garnering lots of Oscar buzz for taking on the role of one of the most important characters in American history. Leo not only gained weight, he also donned prosthetic teeth, a bald cap, a device to reshape one nostril, latex body pads, colored contacts and layers of silicone applied to his face.

DiCaprio recently confessed of his decision to take on such a meaty role: "When I can’t immediately define the character, and there’s an element of mystery to it and still a lot to be explored, that’s when I say yes. I like those kinds of complicated characters. I just do.”

Check out video of DiCaprio's co-star Naomi Watts at the premiere, after the jump ...