Lindsay Lohan, 25, appears in court today -- a hearing that was scheduled by Judge Stephanie Sautner when Lohan appeared at a scheduled progress hearing Oct. 19.

Back then, Sautner ordered today's appearance and had Lindsay taken into custody on charges of violating her probation. Sautner was visibly angry after learning that Linds had completed only 21 hours of her 360 required hours at the LA Downtown Women's Center and that Lindsay had been kicked out of the program for failing to show up at scheduled times.

Lohan had until April 2012 to finish her sentence. She was taken from court in handcuffs, then posted $100,000 bail.

Linds was ordered by Sautner to complete 16 hours of community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue before today, which she did do.

Odds are that at today's hearing, Linds will admit that she did violate her probation by getting kicked out of the program at the Women's Center.

If Lindsay admits such, there won't be a formal hearing involving witnesses, and she will face jail time. But, because of jail overcrowding, she will not serve all of whatever Sautner sentences her to.

Linds has done jail time in the past. Her father, Michael Lohan (who was arrested last week himself), has argued that jail time will be the only way to cure Lindsay of her alleged drug habits.