With her hair in a messy bun, Lindsay Lohan admitted on Wednesday that she had violated her probation.

In a hearing in Los Angeles Wednesday, the city attorney presented evidence to Judge Stephanie Sautner that would be used in a hearing over Lohan's alleged probation violation.

But instead of taking a hearing, Lindsay simply admitted she'd violated probation. So, Sautner gave Lindsay an option, which she accepted.

"I'm going to convert all your community service to the morgue," Sautner said. "Probation is reinstated on the same terms ... with these modifications ..." The modifications:

  • Lindsay is sentenced to 300 days in the county jail, but if by March 29, 2012, she completes required community service hours and psychotherapy sessions, she will only serve 30 days. She also can not be kicked out of her program at the morgue, or she'll go to jail for the full time.

  • She must surrender by Nov. 9 to the CRDF (women's jail) for her 30 days.

  • She has a new probation officer (her past officer asked to not be the officer anymore.) "Good luck to you with Ms. Mansfield, because she's no nonsense,” Sautner said.

  • She will return to court Dec. 14. By then she must perform 12 days of service at the morgue and attend four psychotherapy sessions.

  • Sautner set benchmark days for Lindsay every few months. She must do certain amounts of service and therapy sessions by those dates, or she'll go to jail for the full 300.

  • Lindsay can not leave the country, and can only leave the state for work or visits to family.