Lindsay Lohan dress polka dot navy blue legs heels white sunglasses blonde court hearing parole violation

Lindsay Lohan left court Wednesday on the better side of Judge Stephanie Sautner.

At the end of her hearing, Linds seemed to get on Sautner’s good side by offering to pay fees the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center incurred from having to hire extra security while Lindsay was volunteering there.

But before that, Sautner was not so pleased.

The city attorney presented evidence against Lindsay, saying that she canceled 14 of 19 scheduled psychotherapy appointments and canceled 12 of 20 sessions to volunteer at the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center.

Sautner didn’t buy Lindsay's lawyer’s argument that she had rescheduled canceled appointments. "Ms. Lohan was in charge of making he own schedule at the Downtown Women's Center,” Sautner said. “They made special arrangements for her."

Lindsay admitted to violating her probation. The judge presented Lindsay with a combined plan of service and jail time, saying:

    "... these are not the most egregious violations ... in the scale of violating. ... The sentence that I'm going to impose ... is putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands. ... If you don't accept this ... you will do all your time."

Sautner tried to find a new place for Lindsay to do service, she said, but a homeless shelter refused to take her. “They said you’re a bad example,” she told Lindsay. And Sautner said she wouldn’t put the Downtown Women’s Center “through that again” (having Lindsay as a volunteer.)

So, she assigned all of Lindsay’s hours to the LA County Morgue, where she has been doing her time over the past few weeks. Sautner noted that she’d given the morgue stipulations. “I've asked them to stop holding press conferences about you,” Sautner said.