mary-kate-ashley-460.jpgCraig McDean/Vogue

vogue-cover-mk-ash-230.jpgMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cover Vogue magazine's Best Dressed Special Edition, and the twins were voted the most stylish sisters of the year.

Vogue also included Kate and Pippa Middleton, Beyonce and Solange Knowles and the Fanning sisters in this issue, so not only is there plenty of couture to feast your eyes on, but there's also a splash of sibling rivalry!

Editor Mark Holgate told Reuters, “They get it right a lot of the time and then sometimes they don't get it right. That's actually great ... They don't have someone telling them, 'This is cool, this is hot, this is what you should be wearing.' It comes from within them. It's instinctual.” It certainly is!