In you've-got-to-be-kidding me news of the day, TLC reality stars Jim Bob, 46, and Michelle Duggar announced Tuesday that they're expecting their 20th child.

Michelle, 45, is due to give birth in April. She writes on her blog: "Our whole family is so excited that God has blessed us with another child."

The family stars on TLC' 19 Kids & Counting -- the show has had to continually change its name as the Duggars keep getting pregnant. It started airing in 2008, when they had only 17 children. The show wrapped its fifth season Tuesday.

Michelle gave birth to their most recent child, Josie, in December 2009, and faced numerous complications. Michelle suffered from pre-eclampsia, and Josie was born prematurely -- at just 25 weeks.

When she got pregnant with Josie, doctors warned Michelle of the multiple health risks she faces as she gets older and has more and more children, including Down syndrome for the baby, uterine rupture, pre-eclampsia, heart attack, stroke, life-threatening blood loss during birth and more.

After the jump, watch a video of the Duggars explaining why they chose to stop using birth control and have so many children.