A second sexy lady is coming forward with a lawsuit against boxing great Oscar De La Hoya, the New York Post reports.

X17 first brought you photos in 2007 (above) of De La Hoya wearing women's lingerie during a night of partying. The woman involved in that incident, Milana Dravnel, sued De La Hoya after he claimed the photos were fake. She settled out of court with De La Hoya (for a reported $20 million) to keep quiet, but De La Hoya finally admitted in late August of this year that our pics were real.

OscarDeLaHoyaSecondWoman230.jpgDe La Hoya had entered rehab in May of this year. But now, ANOTHER woman is coming forward. Angelica Marie Cecora, 25, a model for Playboy and Maxim, says that before the boxer entered rehab, he engaged in a scary hotel sex romp with her, too.

Cecora says that De La Hoya contacted her online, telling her his name was Thomas Crown (the rich playboy from the film The Thomas Crown Affair), then revealed his true identity when he took her to dinner on March 15.

After eating, he paid with his AmEx Black Card, then told her he wanted her to spend the night with him at The Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South. He had been drinking heavily during dinner, then ordered more alcohol once they were in his suite -- and ordered drugs to be delivered to the room. She says:

    “It was beyond kinky. Things that I don’t even know how to explain were done with him. ... He started to put my stuff on, my underwear. I had a skirt with me. He put that on. ... He was the exact same size as me. He fit into the tiniest pair of underwear that I had been wearing. ... He was dancing, playing around with my [clothes], playing a woman, very feminine. ... We had intercourse . . . He wasn’t taking no for an answer ... he just wanted more and more [drugs] ... "

Cecora says De La Hoya told her he idolized Charlie Sheen and kept shouting, "Winning!" while getting "completely wasted." Cecora called her roommate to help her.

Keep reading for the bizarre behavior from De La Hoya after her roommate arrived ... with sex toys!