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Paris Hilton has been jet-setting around the world promoting all her successful brands, and now that she's back in LA, the heiress has treated herself to a brand new 2012 California Spyder Ferrari.

The red sports car, delivered to her house at 11:45am on Friday, is worth a whopping $300,000! Not exactly a Black Friday deal.

A source from the Ferrari dealership tells X17online exclusively:

    "When Paris walked in all of our eyes were on her. Ferrari is excited that she has purchased one of our cars. We know it's going to bring worldwide exposure, and Paris is the perfect fit for our brand."

Princess P certainly looks smokin' hot in this new ride. She already has an impressive fleet of cars which include two Bentleys, a Lexus LFA, a hybrid Escalade and a Range Rover.

That's how she rolls!