regiskellyjoy460.jpgDavid Russell/Disney-ABC

Regis Philbin has finally said farewell to Live! With Regis and Kelly after 28 years on the air.

With his co-host of 11 years Kelly Ripa sitting next to him, Philbin said:

    "For 28 years, millions of viewers have had the great fortune of starting their day with you. For 11 years, I have had the great fortune of starting my day sitting next to you. You took this soap actress and plopped her behind a desk and made her your partner in crime. My life is forever changed."

In response, Kelly told Regis, "I look forward to your next steps and hope they fill you with the joy you've filled all of us with all these years."

For his final words before the show ended, the 80-year-old host said the following to the audience:

    "This was the last chance I had in this business: To make it here in New York. I guess it was fate that it happened this way. I'll never be able to answer all the letters and messages that have poured in but I'll always remember spending these mornings with all of you. God bless you all and I hope I see you again real soon."

Farewell, Regis!