Beverly Hills Robert Pattinson Twilight hotel Beverly Hills Robert Pattinson Twilight hotel

Oh Rob, we just can't get enough of you, but don't you know smoking causes bad breath yellow teeth lung cancer?

Mr. Pattinson was snapped on the balcony of his Beverly Hills hotel, and the hunky Brit took a break from promoting Breaking Dawn and happily puffed away on a cigarette. I guess girlfriend Kristen Stewart doesn't mind, but we really wish he'd kick this nasty habit!

So what else does Rob do when he's cooped up in a hotel room? He revealed in a recent interview with Look magazine that he Googles himself! “Sometimes [I Google myself], but mainly for promotional purposes," he said. "Or if I think I’ve said something stupid, I check to see what the backlash is about. It’s mostly just damage control all the time.” Interesting!