Salma Hayek  Antonio Banderas puss in boots red carpet suit dress heels

What a purrfectly adorable pair!

The film broke box office records the first weekend it was released, and Spanish hotties Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas celebrated the success of animated flick Puss in Boots with a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico, on Wednesday.

The lovely Latina donned a blue and gold Bottega Veneta dress with Giuseppe Zanotti heels, while co-star Banderas wore a black suit with a button down shirt.

The Zorro star, who is a defender of the rights of Hispanics in the United States, said in the press conference that when he first came to Hollywood, he was only offered roles of "Drug traffickers, thieves ... those are for us, they told me."

He added, "That is changing because there has been a community (of people) who have worked very hard to send their children to the universities and today hold positions of power, and that is reflected in Hollywood."